Bataan Nuclear Power Plant Tour


I. Short lecture by National Power Corporation (NPC) officials, managers of the BNPP on :

a. How the plant operates

b. How is BNPP different from the Fukushima nuclear power plant

c. Safety measures and lessons learned from the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown

d. How a uranium looks like

e. The advantage of operating a nuclear plant over fossil-based extraction or hydro-electric power plant, etc.

II. Option for photo-ops and light orientation on the use of cameras before entering the fenced and heavily guarded compound power plant facility.

III. The “stop-overs” of the plant (where you get a scientific explanation to each major section of the facility :

a. Section I: Water Pumping Section.

b. Section II : Electrical Section.

c. Section III : Outside Cooling Tower.

d. Section IV : Inside the Nuclear Reactor Chamber.

i. Decontamination Chamber

ii. Nuclear Reactor

iii. Cooling Chamber

e. Section V : The Control Room.

i. Control Panel

ii. Viewing Room

f. Section VI : The Steam Turbine and Power Generator


Important Notice : Tour includes a flight of four sets of 25 to 40 steps stairs and has no access to wheelchairs.


CUSTOMIZED TOUR PACKAGE. Request for a customized quotation for a Bataan Nuclear Power Plant tour can be requested by going to the ‘Contact Us’ page of the website and indicating what other services would tour group require.  Other inclusions to the Customized Tour Package can include, besides the Nuclear Power Plant Tour :

a) Pick-up from the Airport (car or tourist bus depending on group size) or from

the school or company grounds

b) Swimming and option for Team Building Program at West Nuk Beach Resort

c) Overnight Room or Day-stay Open Cottage/Tent accommodation at the beachfront

d) Catering Services

e) Booking of other plush Resort / Hotel Partners (for those preferring classy accommodation)

f) Visit of other tourist spots of Bataan and Zambales during the tour

g) Assistance in booking other tourist destinations in the Philippines

h) Tourist Guides that speak preferred language (e.g. Japanese, Chinese, etc.)




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